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The Team

We are young change-makers who are doing our tiny bit to empower the less privileged by the simple concept of redirecting clothes from where they are in excess and no longer in use to where they are actually needed, and ensuring they are finally used.


Abhishek Gupta

He is presently working with McKinsey & Company. He is motivated by reading, traveling and photography. He is the author of the first travel photo poetry book by an Indian, titled "Iridescence".

Apoorva Wadhwa

Currently pursuing Master of Arts in Writing and Literature from Deakin University, she fancies reading, writing and all things vintage. A word-weaver by nature, she is motivated by the desire to serve others.

Abhinav Thukral

Pursuing his Bachelor's in engineering from DTU, Abhinav Thukral is a tech & design enthusiast. He is driven by the idea of using technology & development for the betterment of society.

The Team

Akanksha Jethani

Mumbai Chapter Co-Head

Currently working at Citi, Akanksha is a 2016 undergraduate from IIT Bombay. A shopaholic, she keeps her mind and body sound with books, board games and proper nutrition.

Sharth Mandan

Mumbai Chapter Co-Head

Hailing from Kutch region in Gujarat, Sharth is currently based out of Mumbai and working as Senior Analyst at Citi. He likes to trek mountains, play board games and explore different cuisines.